Thinking = drawing = writing. I am interested in the graphical aspect in the works. Basic principles such as drawing a line for a certain period of time, the condensation of lines into words and sentences, or an image that develops from the lines, stand equally side by side. Spaces or entire stories develop from the drawings.

Artistic thinking is experimental, open and aims to deal with uncertainty. Creativity succeeds best where we see different options and are able to put them together as something new.

Selection of my works & projects



Landscapes is a series of drawings on large-format paper.

Handwriting and characters are combined with each other and form a field.

The three-dimensionality that sometimes arises in the drawings disintegrates in the instant when words and signs become recognizable.

The drawings oscillate among the flow, the movement of the lines, and the meaning of the words.


Whispers of Power

Whispers of Power are chalk drawings on large blackboards.

They pick up film stills from the series House of Cards and deal with the phenomenon of power in all its dimensions. The pictures look like icons. The captions, Shakespeare's quotes from Macbeth, give them an ambivalent tension.

They give the history of power a disturbing and unsettling reality. We feel reminded of something old, but which is more current than ever.



In the Inflammables project, I searched for the energy of words and phrases that are cultural milestones and have influenced me. I discovered them on the border between pop culture and philosophy.

I wanted to release and transform the energy of such sentences. Large-scale installations made of matches were installed on the wall of my studio. These were set alight, energy was released and an image of fire was created.

The sentence itself was extinguished. Then, however, such a sentence emerged from the ashes, new and transformed. A circle was closed.

The drawings "Whispers of Power" are unique and fresh. The combination with Shakespear quotes, taken from drama Macbeth, turns the story of House of Cards what it is all about in politics, today: plotting the most effective powerplay.

Heike Sabarowski Galerie owner, Galerie Gesellschaft
  •  Reckhenrich - Künstler

    Reckhenrich - Künstler

  •  Reckhenrich - Künstler

    Reckhenrich - Künstler

  •  Reckhenrich - Künstler

    Reckhenrich - Künstler

  •  Reckhenrich - Künstler

    Reckhenrich - Künstler

  •  Reckhenrich - Künstler

    Reckhenrich - Künstler

Jörg Reckhenrich



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